Yes, you can buy from internet by all kind of American Express cards (Green – Gold – Platinum).

American express cards cannot be linked to saving account directly, but by issuing a monthly invoice withdraw from the account specified by the customer.

Yes, you can withdraw 20% from the limit rate (cash withdrawal); it means that if your card limit is $5,000 you can withdraw $1,000.

Please contact American express officer either by phone or email, whom will contact the company in Bahrain to fix the problem:

Teleflex: 01220094 or 01250009 Ext: 207

Email:  Firdaus.bafagih@cacbank.com.ye

No commission will be applied for purchasing, but there are rewards and points.For cash withdrawal $100 will be applied for every withdrawal transaction.


Yes, there are annual fees for green card ($95), gold ($175), and platinum ($750).

The cash collateral rate starting 120% to 150% from the required limit.

There is a monthly limit, and the customer can use this limit throughout the month or in one day.

Yes, Visa Net card can be used to buy from internet only, while American express cards can be used to cash withdraw or to buy from any POS and form internet.