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Eid Loan


It is a seasonal loan provided by the Bank as an advantage to the employees of the governmental and private entities who are contracted to receive salaries of their employees through the bank. This service is an addition to the benefits of salary payments to employees of entities which chose the bank as their financial entity.

Service Features:

  • Simplified procedures, the client gets his loan on the same day without needing for a guarantee; your salary guarantees this loan.
  • Loan period is only four months.
  • Low and simple interests.

Terms and Documents required to obtain the service:

  • The customer has a current account in the bank.
  • Providing the original personal identity (valid electronic ID card or passport).
  • The customer's salary must be regular during the last 3 months and prior to the date of grant.
  • The salary of the customer must be paid through the bank and subject to a salary agreement signed with the entity in which the client works. At least the first salary has been received from the bank.
  • The client must attend himself with identification documents to fill in forms and complete the procedures.
  • The customer must sign the loan forms related to the product.
  • The loan is granted to those whose liabilities do not exceed 50% of their income and the installment can't be delayed.


The maximum amount to be granted is YER 60,000 and the minimum amount is YER 10,000.

A simple rate specified in the system that is deducted in advance.

It can't be delayed

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