Stop Worrying, with my Salary in Advance.

My Salary in Advance


Through this service, you can get a monthly advance up to 75% of your net monthly salary to meet your daily needs. It will be paid out of the next month's salary with discounted interest rates.

Service Features:

  • The customer granted a credit limit in his current account for a period of one year from which he can withdraw at any time via ATM without the need to visit the bank.
  • Low interest and reduced fees.
  • The credit limit of customer is renewed monthly.

Terms and Documents required to obtain the service:

  • The applicant should have a current account with the bank.
  • Providing the original personal ID (valid electronic card or passport for foreign expatriates).
  • The existence of a banking services agreement or granting loans agreement with the employer of the applicant for the loan, and the customer has already spent at least one year at the current employer.
  • The beneficiary of this product must be the holder of the same account and the signature has been entered into system.
  • The customer must sign the application form related to this product.
  • An official letter from the customer's employer, approving the loan to its employees mentioning the credit limit, not exceeding 75% of the regular net monthly income and the maximum limit is YER150,000 per person.


Any person who receives his salary through the bank, with the need for a loan agreement or a banking services agreement signed between the bank and the entity.

The maximum amount that can be provided is 75% of the total salary.

No, it is not allowed more than once per month.

The interest specified in the system is 25%.

The amount of overdraft is settled at the end of the year.

No, repayment is made at once.

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