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Western Union


CAC Bank offers you a service to send and receive money around the world in moments through the official network of Western Union spread around the world. CACBank is distinguished by its branches and offices distributed throughout the governorates of Yemen whereby you can receive your transfers from any branch or office of the bank.

Service Features:

  • Speedy: you can send and receive the money in minutes from and to most countries of the world.
  • Reliable:for more than 140 years,Western Union offers their services in accordance with the laws of the country in which it operates.
  • Suitability:You can transfer the money through many service points around the world with convenient working hours that make us close to you.

Terms and Documents required to Send/Receive a Transfer:

To send a Transfer:

  • Visiting the nearest branch, office or approved subagents of thebank.
  • Filling in and signing the application form for the transferand providing the personal valid ID card.
  • Paying the amount to be sent along with the transfer fees to the remittances officer in the branch or office.
  • Signing the receipt note of sending the transfer.
  • The sender must be at least 18 years old.

To receive a Transfer:

  • Visiting the nearest branch, office or approved subagents of thebank.
  • Filling in the application for receiving the transfer and write the transfer number, the name of the beneficiary, the country of transfer, the amount transferred and the name of the sender.
  • Signing in the application form and providing the original and valid personal identity.
  • Sign the receipt note of receiving the transfer and count the money before departure.
  • The receiver must be at least 18 years of age.


Filling in the Western Union application form of transfer + a copy of the sender's personal identity.

It’s a serves for moving the personal money around the world and is characterized by its presence in most countries of the world, where you can receive your transfer after sending in one minute only.

The transfer commissions change from one country to another and according to the amount of the transfer.

One minute after the customer receives the reference number of the transfer.

Yes, the customer has the right to receive his money in USD or YER currency, as he wants.

By visiting the nearest branch or office of the bank or contacting the responsible department on: 01538921 - 01538920 – 01538901.

Yes, you can send via the Western Yemeni Riyal system and receive the transfer according to the policy of the receiving country. If the receiving country is Yemen, you can receive the money in riyal currency.

In all branches / offices / subagents of the bank in the customer's presence area.

If your transfer is before 45 days, the transfer will disappear from the system. You should visit the nearest branch / office of the bank and provide them with the reference number and ask for renewal.

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